Your St. Louis Birthday Party Idea Guide
Disclaimer - We ask that you use this site as your first step in planning the perfect Birthday party.  Please check business websites or contact them directly for the most up to date
prices and options.  Thank you.
Bakery Ideas
Knodel's Custom Cakes  (West County, North County)
Our number one selling type of cake is children's birthday cakes. Our decorator's custom design our cakes to give your
cake a colorful, memorable, and fun addition to your child's birthday party. Your cake can be designed with their favorite
cartoon character's image, a picture of the child, a figurine, or all of these. You can keep the cake's inscription simple with
just "Happy Birthday" or make it more personal with an inscription like, "Spongebob wishes you a Happy 5th Birthday." If
there is an image that we do not have, bring a picture of it when you order and we'll add it to our index.

Contact Info- North County (314)- 385-2000
                West County (314)-822-5151
McArthur's Bakery (3 Locations)
We are proud to be one of St Louis's premier bakeries, and really appreciate all of our great customers.  We work hard
every day to provide the tastiest pastries you can find anywhere.  We use recipes that we have accumulated in our 50 plus
years in business.  Check our website or come to our store and check out our selection of childrens cakes.  

Contact Info- South County (314)-894-0900
                  Kirkwood (314)-894-0900
                  Brentwood (314)-894-0900
Offers 6 delicious ice cream, ice cream cakes, ice cream pies, 1 & 3 quart containers and single serving
containers.  Birthday kits include Oberweis coloring book, activity placemat and crayons.  Candles, plates, spoons,
and napkins and choice of toppings included.