Your St. Louis Birthday Party Idea Guide

We created this site because of the many years of having to spend hours and hours AND HOURS
searching through multiple websites to plan a fun birthday party for our children at decent price.  So
we decided to do something to help other St. Louis parents save some of that time, which will be
better spent playing with your children.  
In order to keep this site current with all the great birthday ideas in the St.
Louis area, we would appreciate your help!!!

Please email us at with any birthday idea, supply store/website, etc. you have
had a good experience with, and we will add it to the website.

Or if you have a little more time...

Please email us with the plans from your child's favorite birthdays, we would like to put them in our
"Party Plans" section, to help out other parents with some great birthday ideas.   Email to  Please include child age, sex, and a nice description of what you did for the
party, invitations, misc. supplies, approx. cost and any other information that you think might be
helpful to other parents.
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