Your St. Louis Birthday Party Idea Guide
Party Plans
Pirate Party

ARRGG MATEY!!  Turn your party place into a pirate ship ready for all your
little pirates to set sail.

Invite your guest to your party with treasure map invitations showing directions
to your house with "X" marking the spot.  You could attach eye patches to the

Using large appliance boxes, and painting them brown you could make a
pirate ship

You could have a dress up party, providing clothes bought at a thrift shop,
jewelry, eye patches, handkerchiefs, and fake mustaches.  You could have a
treasure hunt, make eye patches, pirate flags, or swords.  You could have a
movie party and watch a pirate movie.

Finger foods, so the kids can eat like pirates used to do by eating with their
hands, or real pirate food, fish and chips.

Bake a rectangle cake and decorate it like a treasure chest with gold coins
and gold jewelry.
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