Your St. Louis Birthday Party Idea Guide
Spirits Gymnastics (Sunset Hills)

Gymnastics parties are great for boys and girls! Let our experienced staff handle
everything and at the same time make this a very special day!  Why have a party at
Spirits Gymnastics?  The kids can be as loud and active as they want!  The noise
won’t bother you and nothing in your house will get broken!   We entertain the
children and clean up the mess when it’s all over.  You get to sit back, relax and
enjoy the party.  The kids will be so worn out after the party that they’ll be ready for
a nap when they get home!  St. Louis Spirits provides tables and chairs and the use
of a refrigerator for drinks, ice cream, etc. There is also a Coke/Powerade machine
available. St. Louis Spirits does not provide paper products or beverages
A Just Gymnastics Party includes:  1 hour of gymnastics instruction, 1/2 hour for
refreshments and presents and a Gymnastics MEDAL for each paid participant .
For up to 15 children
Member  $185.00
Non-member  $195.00
$5 for each additional child
Birthday parties are held on
Saturdays (2:15 PM and 3:45 PM)
Sundays (1:00 PM and 2:30 PM)

Each party concludes with an awards ceremony where every paid party participant
receives a MEDAL!!!
This is the perfect plan if what you are looking for is an exciting activity for a party.
Previous gymnastics experience is not required. Everyone will have the opportunity
to experience the thrill of gymnastics.

Contact Info- (314)-843-3322