Your St. Louis Birthday Party Idea Guide
Studio Salon & Party Center (Chesterfield)

At the Studio Salon and Party Center our goal is to make sure young ladies have a
wonderfully memorable salon experience. Whether they are getting a new hairstyle
or their ears pierced in the Special Effects section or shopping in the Props
Department for just that right fragrance or enjoying one of our five different parties in
the Make-up and Wardrobe area, we are there to make sure that they have the best
experience they have ever had in a salon. All of our parties include personalized
invitations, cake, ice cream, drinks, a craft, goody bag and group photo for every girl
attending. But the studio isn't just for little leading ladies. We also offer salon
services for young leading men as well as a Superhero Adventure Party that, just
like the glamour parties, includes a group picture for everyone attending. At the
Studio every child is a star and we make little stars shine.

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